Re: Surrogate factoring, reasons for my concerns

From: C. Bond (
Date: 07/12/04

Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 03:00:57 GMT

James Harris wrote:


> All I can do is put the information out there and hope that if it's
> important someone will act, or that it just doesn't work for some
> reason I don't know.

OK. You have done that. Now shut up.

> At this point I'm still just surprised at how hard it is to get a
> straight answer on something that's high school algebra. So far,
> posters have just come back with social issues mainly.
> It's high school algebra. SOMEONE should have an answer.

That's *your* responsibility.

> James "Often in error, but never in doubt!" Harris

There are two things you must never attempt to prove: the unprovable --
and the obvious.
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