Re: Actually I was a participant (mostly an observer) in the development of the U.S. 21st century military information infrastructurefrom 1993 to 1998 ...five years ...

From: Matthijs Hebly (
Date: 07/05/04

Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 16:51:15 GMT

Me wrote:

> On 5 Jul 2004 01:03:26 -0700, (SecQrilious) wrote:
>>I still have some documents I have not read. I need to write a little
>>program to encode these to another format to read these.
> Then I hope they blow your head off.
Comments like these make sci.crypt just a little *less* enjoyable...
Let's treat each other with *respect*, even if someone makes a mistake,
post something that if rubbish, post something that should not be on
sci.crypt, or whatever... During the centuries, but especially during
these last few years, hate and disrespect have made this world a little
more gloomy and sad than a lot of people, including me, would like it to be.

Let's make a difference.