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Date: 06/20/04

Date: Sun, 20 Jun 2004 15:20:47 GMT

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On a sunny day (Sun, 20 Jun 2004 01:50:49 GMT) it happened Tom St Denis
<> wrote in

>Peter Fairbrother wrote:
>>> That's as much as say Dell and
>>> Gateway's fault as it could possibly be Microsofts.
>> No, it's not Gateway's FAULT, or Dell's FAULT, or even Microsoft's FAULT.
>> Why should newbies know the first thing about computers? Do you want
>> people to pass a test before they can own a computer?
>Yes I do.
>Not that long ago you could fly a plane or drive a car without a license.
>They were pioneers building the technology. As a society though we
>embraced the technology all while licensing it to provide safety. While
>we're not really on the beginning of the computer revolution [I'd say as a
>society that was mostly the 80s-90s] it's not entirely a bad idea to think
>I mean it's not like right now you can hop in a car without a license and
>drive "just because you want to". Why should you be able to go on the net
>with a seriously powerful computer [and a fat pipe to boot] without any
>training whatsoever?
>Actually forcing training would be a good thing though. How many consumers
>are swindled into buying crappy software "just because they don't know
>better" [e.g. Norton/Symantec AVs come to mind, there are free
>alternatives. Similarly "memboost" [et kin]...]? I'd say if users knew a
>modicum of computer information they would have better buying power.
>Nobody is saying you have to have a Ph.D. in comp.sci to use a computer.
>Much like you don't need an AZ/M/G/DZ licenses to drive a compact car in
>Canada. [For the curious those are transport, motorcycle, car [under
>15000kg] and trucks over 15000kg iirc...].
>I mean how many people buy huge trucks and SUVs and then seriously under use
>them? These underused vehicles pollute and waste natural resources [how
>much metal, power, etc goes into making one?]
>How many people buy 3Ghz P4 processors with 3.2GB/sec memory then go play MS
>Word? Are you advocating that the mass amounts of computer users buy
>technology they can't use, nor seriously afford all while wasting
>electricity [which in turn pollutes]? Who's side are you on?
>You're on the big industries side that's what. And you call yourself a
>"hippie". Sure.
Although there is something to say for an 'internet diploma' it would be complicated,
you needed a different exam for Linux, MS Windows, Mac, whatever.
Also technology changes everyday... One exam every year?
You need no diploma or license to use the phone, and PC going multimedia
now also VOIP will repace the traditional phone.
I have an ADSL modem, my provider has a firewall for port 25 (mail forwarding
uses MX records), the modem has a firewall build in (you have to open any port you
need separately).
This is a good approach, as it is already too complicated for the average user.
So they are safe from and for the net.
So in the hardware please, so you can use your VOIP phone without doing an exam.
(There will be more and more hardware gadgets you can plug into the ethernet
Your ISP can and will always cancel your connection if they find you are violating
terms of contract.

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