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Date: 06/21/03

Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2003 23:15:02 GMT

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Douglas A. Gwyn <> wrote:
>These sound remarkably similar to the *free* monographs available
>from the (US) National Cryptologic Museum. How about a brief

I'll have to read the book before I can review it (some reviewers are
picky that way). I'm not sure I am on to the monographs you are talking
about. I did a Google search for NSA and SIGSALY and came up with a page
titled "The Start of the Digital Revolution..." is that what you are
talking about? That particular paper includes the following text


1. A much more detailed description of the system, as well as background
on its development, deployment and operation, is available in a document
entitled The Green Hornet...America's Unbreakable Code for Secret Telephony.
This study was authored by Donald E. Mehl and was privately published in
1999. Copies are available for study in the library of the National
Cryptologic Museum. It contains many diagrams, photographs, references
and stories concerning this system. This work is the source of much of
the information regarding the deployment of the system as well as some
of the technical details which are presented in this short paper.

I believe the contents of the book I mentioned are available in separate
parts, which is probably what the above paragraph is talking about.
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