Zip password crack

From: Miguel (
Date: 06/11/03

Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 01:30:45 -0400

I forgot the password of a Winzip file and need to decryp it.
The file consist in 34 compresed files and I already have 14 of this files
in another folder.

So I compress the 14 files in another Winzip file without password

I tried to use PKCRACK and Ultra Zip Password Cracker

When I tried to use a plain-text attack using the both tools I get the same

D:\pkcrack>pkcrack -C -c Dcp00192.jpg -P -p Dcp00192.jpg
File Dcp00192.jpg not found in ZIP file

In Ultra Zip Password Cracker I get the message:
Archives doesn't contain any matching files.

I'm sure that the 14 files are contained in the encrypted file.

I'll apreciate any idea o comment regarding this case.