Re: Avoiding C++ Templates In Cipher Implementation

From: Alex Vinokur (
Date: 06/10/03

Date: Tue, 10 Jun 2003 19:15:31 +0300

"Ernst Lippe" <ernstl-at-planet-dot-nl@ignore.this> wrote in message news:bc4p65$d85$
> On Tue, 10 Jun 2003 09:27:32 +0300, Alex Vinokur wrote:
> > But C++ compilers have not only template-related problems.
> > Are template-related problems most serious?
> They have a bad reputation. It is difficult to write
> portable programs with templates. In almost all practical
> cases you can rewrite your program to avoid templates.
Any revealing example?

> So when you are worried about the correctness of your programs
> it seems wise to avoid them.
> greetings,
> Ernst Lippe

By the way, there are various constructions with C++ Templates.
If a programmer is afraid of template non-portability
he/she may use more simple constructions which are not rejected by any compiler.

   Alex Vinokur

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