Re: Why is AES more secure than DES??

From: Douglas A. Gwyn (
Date: 05/06/03

Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 21:57:12 GMT

Shill wrote:
> As I understand, CTRL-C would print 0x3. However in Unix, CTRL-C is
> often used to terminate a program, correct?

BSD picked up ETX (^C) in place of the DEL used in the Bell Labs
Unix distributions, due to influence from DEC operating systems.
The specific characters used for such control functions are user-
configurable via the "stty" command.

> Is there a difference between 0x8 (BACKSPACE) and 0x7F (DELETE)?

Yes, for one thing they have different code values.
On my Unix accounts, I use BS for character-erase-backward
and DEL for generating SIGINT (process interrupt) to the
terminal group.

It's not a really big problem on Unix to embed such characters
in user passwords, when the passwords are read as raw data
with no special input processing. But many applications for
whatever reason don't support entry of passwords in that mode,
and without input processing one can't correct typos while
typing the password. So it is best to avoid using control
characters in passwords.