Re: Cryptonomicon and OTP breaking

From: contact (contact@)
Date: 04/12/03

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    From: "contact" <contact@<nospam>>
    Date: Sat, 12 Apr 2003 11:55:13 -0700

    No you didn't. But what 'systematic failure of randomness' means, appears
    to be in the eye of the poster. I hear the sound of hairs being split.


    "Douglas A. Gwyn" <> wrote in message
    > >>>Errrrr, NO.
    > >>Errrrr, YES.
    > >>Reusing entire pages of key is certainly a systematic
    > >>failure of randomness.
    > > Oh, come on, not in the way you described.
    > > They are still random, it's just that now they are known values.
    > ?
    > > That's not an example of cracking an OTP by figuring out the sequence of
    > > RNG file.
    > I never said anything about "figuring out the sequence of
    > the RNG file"!

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