Re: Is AVG anti-virus free edition or Avast Free Edition better?

Short story: Avast! is much better in my opinion. Protects the system much
better and scans faster.

Long story: I used to use AVG Free. I thought it was great, because it was
free and seemed to do a good job. On more than one occasion I had problems
with other members in my household getting bad stuff. On one or two
occasions I said screw it and reinstalled the whole operating system like it
was a brand new computer.

Someone showed me Avast! and it was like night and day. Avast! was MUCH

Avast! protects my system better and seems to scan faster. Since installing
Avast! I've never had a problem since.

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I have AVG Anti-virus free edition installed but I do not know if Avast
better. I do not want to pay for anti-virus as I feel that I can get real
time protection for free. I will be willing to pay for anti-spyware
as it seems that free anti-spyware solution do not provide real time
protection - either AVG anti-spyware or Lavasoft Ad-aware Plus. Share you
opinions here for options between AVG and Avast. I have almost made up my
mind between AVG anti-spyware and Ad-aware Plus.

AVG anti-spyware , in my opinon, is better . Quick results .