Re: How to install Windows without a Windows CD

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the sarcasm is not called for in this group.
many computers don't come with printed manual's any more
you are aware of this aren't you?
my brand new state of the art gaming hp came with no
manuals just a set up poster that i tossed back in the box.
its manuals are all PDF files .

EVERY computer sold must be sold with a means to reset it to factory
conditions and there MUST be instruction on at least how to find those
instructions. By federal law, you cannot buy a legal computer without
getting such information with it, unless you get an Ebay or other source
where you can get scammed easily and diidn't know what to ask about.



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On 6/12/2010 01:19, Dave wrote:
I have a computer Gateway computer that did not come with
a Windows installation CD. It has a D: Partition with a
Restore to install the computer back to the way it was
when I purchased it. I came home today and
found the computer had crashed it said to run check disk.
The drive did come
back up ok so far. As I write this on another computer I
am running a backup
up the computer. I was told there is a way to make a
Windows installation CD
from the computer so when I get a new hard drive I can
format it and install
Windows. My question is HOW DO I DO THIS? Thanks for
any help in advance.

In your Gateway manual it tells you how to generate a
Windows CD from the Restore partition, that was one of the
first thing to do when you got your computer, you did read
the manual, didn't you ???


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