Re: Windows Firewall startup - Suprising problem.

Hello All,

The delay in replying due to pressure of work is regretted. I have moved
from Avast to Avira however the problem still existed. I changed to AVG free
and disabled the real time scanning of SuperAntispyware. The problem now has
changed. The Local Area Connection icon on the task bar now takes an unduly
long time to show up on the task bar at bootup. I have to click on IE about
three to four times before the same shows up. That indicates to me poor
I viewed the "view all connections window" and unchecked and re-checked
"show icon in notification area when connected". It came up immediately but
upon reboot the icon did the same thing. I also found that the system freezes
up for a while when booting up. I thought it was the avg firewall and
disabled it to use Windows firewall. That has not helped. Seems that the
system is not booting up properly.

I shall be thankful for any suggestions with a view to solving this problem.

Thanking you.


"Shenan Stanley" wrote:

Twayne wrote:
Who cares what YOU might do? WHY you might consider something
could be useful, but what you said is pretty much nothing there.

I don't know for sure, but I suspect you are going in the wrong
direction here. The actual problem is more basic than your
suggestions cover. IMO.

I was watching you, trying to emulate.

Must have overdone if it was useful to even myself. Sorry.

Shenan Stanley
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