Re: windows live onecare wrote:

I agree with you about Live Onecare. it did suck.

That said - Windows now has Microsoft Security Essential at

which seems to be working for me.
It found 2 infections that Norton 360 did not.
So far, I like it.

"Warren" <Warren@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
have any of you ever used windows live onecare...a waste of $50.00. Now i
know why they are discontinuing it. it finds NOTHING and i have to run
antispyware and antimalware to keep my pc clean. please suggest the best
free protection for my machine since i won't be using this one anymore.

To clarify, the anti-virus engine used in MSE is different than the one that
was used in OneCare. That is, you aren't stuck with the same bad AV that
was in OneCare.