Re: Creating DVD restore point.

What Leonard failed to mention was that an image of your HD does you no
good if you have no means to restore the image...If XP is so corrupted the system wont
Most of the programs that Leonard mentioned let you create a bootable
rescue CD/DVD with which you would boot the machine.
I know Acronis does I am not sure about the rest as I have never used them
but you can google them to see if they have that capability

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"Carl Gross" <CarlGross@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:8DB70A53-EEA4-4202-8F4D-B85EA928DC0B@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have XP Pro SP3. I would like to make a DVD that would make a restore
point (ie. resurrect the computer's system from the DVD).

How can I do that?