Re: Creating DVD restore point.

You are looking for a product known as disk imaging software. Some popular examples are (in alphabetical order):

Acronis True Image
Norton Ghost
Paragon Drive Backup
Terabyte Unlimited Image for Windows

A disk image is, basically, an exact copy of a hard disk (or a disk partition.) You can use an image to do what is called a 'bare metal restore.' This means that the entire disk (or partition) is replaced by the image. It's like going back in time.

Disk imaging has a learning curve, but it's a very worthwhile investment of your time.

You will find it quite inconvenient to store disk images on a DVD. An external hard drive or network drive is a much better choice.
Leonard Grey
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Carl Gross wrote:
I have XP Pro SP3. I would like to make a DVD that would make a restore point (ie. resurrect the computer's system from the DVD).

How can I do that?

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