Re: Hidden Files and Folders / Content.IE5!?!?

"Anne" <Anne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Okay so I've lost a crucial document that is VERY important for my
business. I downloaded this file from an email attachment, clicked
"open" instead of "save as"....edited the document in MS WORD,
clicked the save icon, and closed it. Now my document is nowhere to
be found, locked away in some crazy Temp Folder.

A friend advised me to type in the file path for the Content.IE5
folder, as he said this folder wouldn't show up even if you searched
and selected "Show hidden files and folders". I did this, it opened
the folder, which held a few other folders, all with very few files
in them-- though i definitely did not locate the file I was searching

This prompted me to investigate the properties of the main Content.IE5
folder, which said it contained 5,000 files and 19 folders. I cannot
imagine why this would be, why there would be so many folders full of
unneccesary images and files, and I as the computer owner cannot get
to them easily. I am desperate....Windows support won't help me
unless I pay them $60.

I tried downloading an attachment again, and viewing the document
properties to locate the filepath -- then typing in the filepath.
This helped me to find about four of the 19 super hidden folders, but
my file was not in any of them. PLEASE HELP ME

If you still have the e-mail, to two things:
-- Save it to disk
-- Open it for editing.
When you edited and saved it before, you saved it right back to the
temp files where it was originally placed. And that's what the e-mail
is going to think is the attachment now. So if you've screwed that up,
you've lost out for now. But not completely.

Unless you tell it to delete immediately from the Server, it's still
there. You might be able to redownload by one of the following:

If you have webmail, use that; go to your online email at your ISP's
site and get it from there. Send it to yourself so you'll re-receive it

Create a NEW e-mail account in OE on your computer. Make it identical
to the one that currently you use except give it a different name
onscreen. Pop & SMTP settings will be the same; all settings will be
the same. Remember, identical to the one you're using, except a
different name.

Now, read your e-mail. Since no emails will have been marked "read" yet,
and since this is a new account, it will download ALL e-mails to your
e-mail address. None will look like they've been read or be marked as
Find the one with the attachment, SAVE the attachment to disk where
you know you can find it (Desktop is often a handy place temporarily),
and close OE.
If you don't like it on your desktop, figure out where you'd like it
to be stored, and copy it to that location. Editing on the desktop
might fill the desktop with all the temporary files editing creates and
you may not like that. Theoretically they'll all be deleted when you
close Word, but sometimes not. So give it a permanent home if you wish
NOW open the file with Word, if it's a Word file, and do what you
wish with it.

If I were you, I'd go back to OE now but rather than throwing away the
new account you created, just name it as something that makes sense to
you and hang onto it for future use in case you want to use it again for
this purpose. For second and ongoing use, it's a nice, fast, efficient
way to get previously read e-mail to come to you as brand new ones.
E-mail the main in question to yourself and then IMMEDIATELY, before
you can download your mail in that account, switch identities back to
your original one and check the mail so you'll get the one you just sent
to yourself. Now you have a new virgin copy of that email where you
expect to find it. Make an OE folder for it, and store it there.
Then you can switch identities back to the new account again and
delete the rest of the files there. Do NOT just allow them to sit in
the Inbox. If you do want to keep some for some reason, make new
folders in OE and store them there.

It's a lot of words above but really, it's simple to acomplish and not
near as complex as it seems in words. Basically all it amounts to is
creating a new e-mail account for the address you received the
attachment to and Receiving your emails, pick out the one you wan t, and
save it to disk.




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