Re: RDP File Access...

Steven Sinclair wrote:
Windows XP Pro SP2

Need to create an RDP file that can be used by multiple users on same PC.
However, when I create the RDP file, store the username and password, and
save it to the "All Users" desktop, the password is only saved for my
user...even when I go in and adjust the security to allow "Everyone" full



I assume that the password can be encrypted in the RDP settings file,
but in a way that only decrypts for the user that generated the file.

A workaround: tell people what the password is. Make it short.

Another: use a macro program such as AutoHotkey, but maybe not in its
usual mode of "responding to keystroke", but "execute once when run".
Have AutoHotkey type the password into the remote desktop session at
the right time. You can put an icon in Quick Start to do it, running
a script - which can be compiled and lightly encrypted - to do the job
when required.

More fun, by the way: there are fields in an RDP text file that you
can edit to set the "screen" height and width to anything you like,
not just typical supported screen sizes. I won't tell you which lines
in the file, enjoy working it out.