Re: Windows XP Hpme Folder Access Problem

What are the rights and ownership shown when you first look at the copied folders in Safe Mode?

I agree with Malke re. needing to look at the UNIX side, but there might be a possible work around. You might try adding a line(s) like the following to the batch file after the copy operation.

cacls "folderpath" /t /g Username:F

I used the following in a batch file for a customer to address a slightly similar problem.
CD \problem folder
cacls ".\*.*" /t /g Everyone:F


"Somchai" <Somchai@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:66121694-62DD-4D4E-AC8D-95B9345C5BAB@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am having a client which is running a BSD server and all the PC's running
Windows XP Home. One notebook is synchronizing two folder with a third party
application through a batch file. Synchronization is working no problem, if
I create a folder on the server, then run the batch file I am having the new
file/folder on the Notebook. However, if I try to access the folder it gives
me the error ACCESS DENIED. All used to work fine until recently. I still
can access all the other folders which were synchronized in the past, but all
ner folders/files now I am getting the said error.
I have booted in Safe Mode and changed the Security in the root and
inherited the permission and applied it to the child objects. After I have
done that, all the folders which weren't accessable are now accessable.
However, if I boot normal these files are accessable but from this point on
if I create a new folder on the server and synchronize again I am back to
scretch one, Access denied on the newly created folder. I then can go to
safe mode again do the proceedure as mentioned the I have access. But that
can not be the point that I have to do this all the time and especially not
my customer.
Any idea were the problem lies that this only occurs on the new created

Thank you in advance