Re: screen auto scrolls to bottom

Thanks for the effort in replying i fixed the problem yesterday while i was
waiting for a reply , you were right it was a defective keyboard as i had
changed the mouse it worked for a little while and went back to normal since
i had already scanned with all anti spware programs and virus and the
microsoft online macicious removal tool it was then a process of elimnation
so i removed the page dosn and the arrow down buttons and i am pleased to say
all is well however iam not sure why the buttons stick , Thanks again for
your help cheers !

"Shenan Stanley" wrote:

gab wrote:
i have a problem where i cannot use my computer as the screen
scrolls to the bottom or any program any option goes to the end
even selected icon on desktop will automatically move to the bottom
icon being selected have ran spyware virus nothing will dectect
this can anybody please help - iam tempted to by apple as i heard
they don't get virus

Your last statement is false - and no one can make it with a straight face
unless they are just ignorant of the facts. Macintosh computers are
vulnerable to viruses just like Windows and Linux based computers. They may
get them less and have less press - but that could be simply nothing more
than a numbers game. ;-)

That's not to say you might not love being a Macintosh user - you just
might. If you want to try it - go for it. However - it is my opinion you
are just trading one set of possible problems for another set of possible
problems. *grin*

It's doubtful you have a virus - more likely a defective mouse. Try
changing out your mouse and/or checking your PAGE DOWN and/or DOWN ARROW
keys (they may be stuck?) and/or change out your keyboard.

Although - it won't hurt to do a true cleanup/update of your machine..

Download, install, run, update and perform a full scan (separately) with the
following two applications (freeware versions are the ones to use for this):



After performing a full scan with one and then the other and removing
whatever they both find completely, you may uninstall these products,
if you wish.

Download and run the MSRT manually:


Fix your file/registry permissions...

Ignore the title and follow the sub-section under "Advanced Troubleshooting"
titled, "Method 1: Reset the registry and the file permissions"

Reboot and ...

Search your registry for %fystem and replace the "f" with an "s". May be
three or four matches, may be none. You may even have to take ownership
(even after doing the above) of the keys in order to make the change.

Download/Install the latest Windows Installer (for your OS):
( Windows XP 32-bit : WindowsXP-KB942288-v3-x86.exe )



Download the latest version of the Windows Update agent from here (x86):
.... and save it to the root of your C:\ drive. After saving it to the root
of the C:\ drive, do the following:

Close all Internet Explorer windows and other applications.

Start button --> RUN and type in:
%SystemDrive%\windowsupdateagent30-x86.exe /WUFORCE
--> Click OK.

(If asked, select "Run.) --> Click on NEXT --> Select "I agree" and click on
NEXT --> When it finishes installing, click on "Finish"...


Then follow the instructions here:

How do I reset Windows Update components?



Log on as an user with administrative rights (assuming you are in this case
- given your problem) and open Internet Explorer and visit and select to do a CUSTOM scan...
(Every time you are about to click on something while at these web pages -
first press and hold down the CTRL key while you click on it. You can
release the CTRL key after clicking each time.)

Once the scan is done, select just _ONE_ of the high priority updates
(deselect any others) and install it.

Reboot again.

If it did work - try the web page again - selecting no more than 3-5 at a

The Optional Software updates are generally safe - although I recommend
against the "Windows Search" one and any of the "Office Live" ones for
now. I would completely avoid the Optional Hardware updates. Also - I do
not see any urgent need to install Internet Explorer 8 at this time.

Come back - let us know if that worked.
.... Really - come back and let everyone know if that worked.

You may want to run a second scan with SuperAntiSpyware and MalwareBytes
after everything is updated.

Shenan Stanley
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