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From: "MowGreen" <mowgreen@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I have learned in the last several hours that this is a "false positive,"
and that CA is working on a "fix." But here's a question which an online
tech support person was unable to answer. Since 35 system files were
"quarantined," and I have subsequently run System File Checker (three
times), Should assume that the "missing" files have been restored. In that
case, should I not "restore" the files from the CA Quarantine list? Or
should I delete them?

| How to fix your XP machine after CaAV broke it

| " first off, update to signature file 6606

| 2. turn off real time protection (real time scanner)

| 3. restore the files from the quarintine (windows will complain that the
| file is not genuine, this is because it was "modified" and the checksum
| for the file has changed, it does not mean the file is different or
| broken, tell windows to use it anyway) *after reboot if windows is still
| angry, you will need to go to and find the download for XP
| service pack 3 to fully restore modified or deleted files. none of the
| affected files should prevent your machine from starting up, though it
| may complain a bit.

| 4. turn the scanner back on but keep the "clean" and "quarintine" boxes
| unchecked for the moment

| 5. scan your windows directory and everything inside, if there are no
| problems you can return to your normal AV settings and hope Ca buys a xp
| machine to check new sig files on "

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I was just reading this was a BIG FP problem.

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