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thanks I will try that next weekend when i see them again

"Malke" wrote:

trish6150 wrote:

Hi there,
I was giving my old laptop with XP away and created a new user with admin
rights and was trying to rename the computer to the other person, so
thought i would change my authority from admin to limited.
I logged off and then tried to log on again as the new person, but it
didn't recognise the name so I can only log back on as me as limited
access. Is there a way I can change my authority back to admin rights, or
is there a way I can log on somehow as an administrator and find the other
user name I created and re-set my name as admin rights.

How do I then change the computer name to the new person so it doesn't
have my name everywhere.

thanks very much in advance

The smartest thing to do is do a clean install of Windows before you give it
to someone else. Make sure you also give the recipient the Windows XP
install disk and any other software that came with the system.

Otherwise log into the built-in Administrator account and delete all the
user accounts. Make a new one for your friend. But really you should do a
clean install.

In XP Home, boot the computer into Safe Mode. Do this by repeatedly tapping
the F8 key as the computer is starting up. This will get you to the right
menu. Navigate using your Up arrow key; the mouse will not work here. Once
in Safe Mode, you will see the normally hidden Administrator account. The
default password is a blank.

In XP Pro, you do not need to go into Safe Mode. At the Welcome Screen, do
Ctrl-Alt-Del twice to get the classic Windows logon box. Type in
"Administrator" and whatever password you assigned when you set up Windows.

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