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Here it goes- I have a desktop and a laptop sharing a common internet.
The desktop is "wired" to router and laptop is connected via "wifi" to
same router.

I also share files and data between the 2 computers over LAN (not
internet). And I have allowed root sharing of the drives in both

What more can I do to secure my files and data while sharing between
the 2 systems and also from the internet??????

Its working fine. The problem is, the people next door are smart. So I
want adequate security measures to prevent misuse of my internet
connection and access to my files and data on both computer to

Measures already take:
1) I have enabled WPA2 only wireless security to router, given a
strong password


2) changed the default username and password of the router, to a very
strong one.

Also good

The three most basic wireless security precautions, none of which you've mentioned:

1) Disable SSID broadcasting. This makes it harder for outsiders to detect your network.

2) In addition to changing the wireless router's default admin username and password, change all of the default IP addresses, both the default DHCP server address and the DHCP range used.

3) Enable MAC filtering, so only computers that *you* specify by MAC Address can connect to the router.


Bruce Chambers

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