Re: Windows SteadyState Setup in XP SP3

Maybe the FAQ would help

There used to be a detailed handbook available for an earlier version, but
it seems to have been pulled. Clicking on the Handbook link on

leads to a page saying there isn't one.

"Robert" <cool_groove@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I'ma Hyper Technologies (Faronics) Deep Freeze user and I'm experimenting
with Windows SteadyState v.2.5 in a shared use environment. I'm using
XP Home computers in a network. (BIG mistake! I got Home Edition for its
entertainment features. But, I wish I'd gotten Pro for its ease of
Administration and flexibility.) I'm trying to compare the features and
ease of use of SteadyState and Deep Freeze before deploying one of them.
However, I've read the FAQs and I still have some questions.


1. Can SteadyState lock down specific user accounts and not others on a
system drive? I'd like to lock down all the Limited account users, and
the Local Administrators' accounts alone. If so, how do you accomplish

[Note: I ask this question because I installed SteadyState to see what the
GUI looks like (and then immediately uninstalled it without making any
changes or setups). I noticed that the only user accounts it inherited
the Limited Accounts I had on the system. The Local Administrator account
wasn't included. Is this by design? And, does this address my question
only locking down some users?]

2. I see in the Quick Start DEMO that after you install SteadyState, you
create a new User Account. Presumably, this is because SteadyState
its settings in a seperate User Account. Do you also have to create a
for this account? And, is this account/profile hidden, similar to the .NET
account in XP? If not, is there a way to hide it from all but the System

3. Finally, I notice that SteadyState can selectively hide such items as
the Control Panel and My Computer from the Start Menu. However, this can
also be accomplished in other ways, such as with the "Start Menu |
| Customize.. | Advanced" tab. The problem with this function is that even
though these links are hidden on the Start Menu (e.g., Control Panel),
they're still visible in the left-hand pane or Menu Bar of most Windows
Explorer windows. Does SteadyState do a better job of completely hiding
such links? If not, is there a better way to accomplish this so that
but the System Administrator can access them, no matter how they access

Thanks in advance for you help!


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