Re: Schedule task runs only when the creator logs on

Try scheduling the jobs to run under the System account with the AT command.


Hii Sing Chung wrote:

I have a team of 5 members who take turn to cover duties round the clock, so they take turn to login to 2 PCs. All the member have no administrative right over the PCs as that is a security requirement. I have scheduled 3 scripts to run at various times of the day but I found that the scripts can only run when the creator of the scheduled task logged on, when other user logged on, it said 'running' but failed and occasionally I managed to see the screen saying "access denied". If I create similar scheduled tasks for every member, that is, member 1 logged on, create the 3 scheduled tasks, member 2 logged on, created another 3 scheduled tasks, and so on, I then will create 15 scheduled tasks on both machines. This will allow 3 of the scripts to run successfully each time, the rest failed. I think that is not a neat solution. Is there a better way to accomplish this, without involving administrative privileges?

Thanks in advance

Sing Chung

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