Re: Password before software execution?

S.Aout <SAout@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would like to know if there is a embedded way to force a password
ask before launching an application (typically Internet Explorer)?
We have tried using the content advisor but it asks the password so
often it becomes un usable for most people. Some forums refer to an
encryption software but it seems no one can encrypt an exe file. Does
anyone have a usable solution ?


No, not that I know of. If you explaimn your ultimate goal perhaps someone
can help you. Also mention whether you're using Home or Pro - it can make a
difference. If you're using AD, mention that too. If you're just trying to
limit access to programs and you are not on a domain, check out Windows
Steady State (from Microsoft) or perhaps Dough Knox's XP Security Console
will be of help.