Re: Sharing privileged for standard users

pink0.pallino <pink0.pallino@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Because there should never been any data on the local workstations
for your users to share. All data should be on a file server,
accessible to everyone who needs access to that data. Laptop users
should be using offline files

I think users cannot share their files either on the server.

That's correct.

they can set ntfs permissions but it's not the same thing

No, it isn't. It's the administrator's job to come up with a folder & share
structure that works for the company, and it's the users' jobs to make sure
they use it according to policies.

and anyhow
I'm not interested on sharing on server but on local disk

See the previous replies.

and synchronizing with the server. This way you keep control of the
data and only have to back up *one* computer and not many. You *do*
have a backup procedure in place, yes?

sure there is a backup for files on the server but do you backup also
meedia files such as mp3/video etc? I don't if not not strictly
related to research, and this is why such files stays on local disk
and this is why one might need to share them.

If it's data you care about and other people need, it belongs on the
server(s). If it's on a workstation for someone's personal use, it's not
company data and it doesn't get backed up or maintained.

If you insist on doing this you're going to have to make your users admins -
and you will rapidly come to understand why this is a very bad idea. Unless
this is a home network, I suggest you reconsider.