Re: NAT and firewall tests

Pardon my highjack here, but doesn't your IP address change if reboot your
computer, or disconnect from web? I'm referring to a DSL connection.

If so, would that provide some kind of security in itself?

"Leonard Grey" <l.grey@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Just about any firewall test will 'shoot through NAT.'

Network Address Translation prevents an unsolicited attempt at discovering
your IP address. However, when you initiate contact with a website--as in
'I want you to test my computer'--you're telling the router to let the
response into your network.

Firewall tests are directed at software firewalls.
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ToddAndMargo wrote:
Hi All,

I would like to test my firewall, but have a NAT box
between me and the various firewall tests I know
of. Anyone know of a firewall test that shoots
through NAT?

Many thanks,