Re: XP Pro Validation

The Windows Product Key Update Tool is always undergoing revision.
It should work with any genuine full version Windows XP product key,
including System Builders OEM product keys.

"XP Guy" <XP@xxxxxxx> wrote in message news:49CE6F25.DE121BB0@xxxxxxxxxx
DaveClark wrote:

No one at MS or on here must have know about a legit update tool

I know about the tool, but I didn't think that you knew the original key
for your installation.

I've had one or two XP systems where I've wanted to change the product
key (say, where I make an exact clone of an existing drive and I want to
give the clone a different product key).

The MS key change tool has never worked. What happens is that when I
run it, all appears to go well, but upon the first system re-start it
wants to validate the new key with Micro$oft, but during the validation
process it says that they system is already validated, and the system is
then stuck in an endless loop.

MS probably designed the key change tool to work for OEM and Volume
License keys, not the "System Builder" version that I deal with.

Any of you MVP's are welcome to chime in here and comment.