Re: Group Policy

yba02 <yba02@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Running Windows XP SP2.
Is there a way where I can apply group policy
on some users and
exclude other users, such as administrators?
Example, I need to
restrict access to all hard disks on the
machine on members of the
"users" group, while members of
"administrators" group can still
access those HD's.

Any input is highly appreciated.


Not without AD. In standalone XP & 2k, local
policies are per
machine, not per user. Check out Windows Steady
State or Doug Knox's
XP Security Console (google it) for options.

But it could be done by assigning the users to
user groups, could it not? Some admin, some power
users, etc.? Admins will have access to all, and
others limited as the programmer prefers, right?

What do you mean by "AD"?



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