Trouble with recycle bin on XP with multiple users

Hi. I have an older PC running XP Pro SP3. The recycle bin "Do not move files
to the Recycle bin..." is UNchecked.
I use an administrator account on the PC. When I delete a file, it goes into
the recycle bin. I get the dialog "Are you sure you want to send 'x' to the
Recycle Bin?" No problem.
I have a couple of other user accounts set up. When those users delete a
file, it does _not_ go into the recycle bin. Even if they drag it to the bin
on the desktop, it does not go in. The dialog is "Are you sure you want to
delete 'x'?"
I don't know how long this has gone on because the other users never needed
the recycle bin until yesterday.
I have tried emptying the bin on my account, no effect. I have tried
checking the "Do not move files..." and later unchecking it, no effect. I
have tried making the other users administrators, no effect.
At one time, I had Norton Systemworks 2005 on the PC, and that product has
the "Norton Protected Recycle Bin" or whatever. But I uninstalled that a long
time ago.
Any thoughts?