Re: Trojan Flush M

Do you have a cd/dvd burner on the machine? If so copy the family files to cd's or dvd's.

If not does the machine have USB ports? If so see if anyone you know has a external USB burner (cd
or dvd) and use that.

Also, how much space do the family files take up? If you have a USB port you can pick-up a small
USB Flash drive for under $20.00 for 4-8GB and under $10.00 for 1-2GB.

Belprice <Belprice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

HI there,

I am running Norton Anti - Virus and it has reported that i have a virus
called Trojan Flush M and no matter what I try I can not remove this virus. I
tried to follow the instructions for manual removal of this virus, however it
instructed me to restart windows in safe mode and then a full scan. When I
tried to do this I was asked for a administration password , but I bought
this computer second hand and have no idea what this pasword is!

Also my computer is now acting very strange , programs are disappearing when
I re start the computer and when I try to view the c drive I get an error

I am desperate not to lose the many important family files on this computer,
such as photos and videos, can someone please help me with this very annoying

Thanks in advance.