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In article <02E26C5E-4EEA-4496-826D-FDC4B6BF1AB9@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>,
Belprice@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx says...
Everytime I try to run Malwarebytes the programs crashes and I get this
message "Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware has encountered a problem and needs to
close " and then some garble about memory.

I was just at a location where the user had trouble installing anything,
including MBAM, got errors like you state.

They were using McCrappy Antivirus with a bunch of add-ons that block
access to many things, including registry settings, temp directory,
etc... Can't believe they could use the computer at all with that crap
enabled. Disabled the McCrappy AV product and everything worked fine.

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