Critical updates and KB 890830

I just downloaded the 6 current Critical Updates for my WinXP (sp3 / IE7) and
when I looked at the KB890830 log, I saw that no infections were found, but
there were 4 Scan Errors found
->Scan ERROR: resource process://pid:1512 (code 0x00000005 (5))
->Scan ERROR: resource process://pid:3672 (code 0x00000005 (5))
->Scan ERROR: resource process://pid:1512 (code 0x00000005 (5))
->Scan ERROR: resource process://pid:1512 (code 0x00000005 (5))

I looked at my Process Explorer for the pid numbers and could not find any
for the 3672, but I did find one for the 1512. It read:\
Process Explorer has 1512 = CPU description = generic Host Process for Win32
Services / Process = svchost.exe / Company Name = Microsoft Corp.

Does all of this mean anything that I should be worrying about? I believe I
remember reading somewhere that as long as NO infections were found, we could
disregard the "Scan Error" messages, because they represented something like
MS looking for a program that it could not find, or someting like that.
Should I worry about that pid 1512 since it mentions "Host Process for
win32" AND "svchost.exe?"
Thank you for hopefully putting my mind at ease.


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