RE: Can't access any webs sites that contain anti virus fixes

Volfandt wrote:

Thabks nass, I ran the regedit app and checked all those Hkey programs and
they did not contain any problems. I compared them to my desktop and they
were very similar.
The Fixpolices app will not run. I had to download it to my desktop then
copy over to the effected laptop but will not run. I get a second or two
of th emouse pointer changing to the hourglass then it goes back to a
pointer, both in normal & safemode.
I will try those other steps afterwhile, but itis VERY perplexing that
this virus only effects programs and websites that pertain to repairing
viruses. Wonder how it "knows" the difference?

It is extremely common for malware to prevent you from going to
antivirus/antimalware sites.

At this point you should either get guided help at one of the specialty
forums below OR back up your data and do a clean install of Windows. It is
your choice. If you are unsure how to back up your data or how to do a
clean install, you can take your machine to a local computer professional.
I don't recommend using BigComputerStore/GeekSquad types of places.

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