Re: Can't access any webs sites that contain anti virus fixes

From: "Volfandt" <Volfandt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

| XP Pro w/rev 6 explorer. I recently discovered that I couldn't access any web
| sites that contain antivirus/spyware updates or fixes. This includes AVG,
| SpyBot, Adaware, Malware and/or even trying to manually run Windows update.
| Instead of getting the download page (where one chooses to eoither save or
| run the download, I get a webpage stateing page not found"). Microsofts
| Malicious Software tool didn;t find any problems but AVG ran and found
| problems and fixed it but when I run the Microsoft download scanner it finds
| problems but can't fix them. Other than not being able to update XP, AVG and
| my other virus/spyware app's the system seems to work fine. Also, I cannot
| run Spybot nor Malwares app. I deleted Spybot and reinstalled it and it will
| not run.
| I'm guessing the virus that got me has gotten into my registry.
| Any thoughts and/or fixes?
| Thanks

The chances of this being a virus is low.
The chances of this being non-viral malware is extremely high.

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