Re: Logon - logoff loop


Just an idea, most peoplebelieve this to be a solely malware issue
usually blazefind, this isn't necessarily the case as below states.

It may be a issue with your AV your running as at home i had teh same
issue with Trendmicro while i know no permenent fixes a temp work around
is as follows logon to safe mode with admin privleges then find the
directory your current pccillin is working from change the folder name
ie"thisfolder" to "@thisfolder" Restart your computer and you should be
able to login to xp like usual. you can then change your folder back to
whatever you like and should be able to log off and sign back in to have
pccillin working again, the thing is though from what i can tell if
another user attempts to log in after you have chjanged thefodler back
the autologoff will run again of if the day passes it will run again so
it is a tedious program if you want to keep your av up and running

I have not attempted a reinstall of the AV or installing a completely
new AV but i can only assume these may fix the issue..

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