Re: Something strange about this but I don't know how to fix it!!!!

johnathensangel21 wrote:

I turned on my computer logged into the administrator account, turned the
guest account on and then I logged out and the only thing on the sign in
screen was the guest account. Can I fix this and if so how?

Your computer is behaving as expected. When you enable or create another
user account with administrative privileges in XP Pro (and I'm assuming
that's what you have from your description of the issue), the original
built-in Administrator is hidden from the Welcome Screen.

1. To enter the built-in Administrator account in XP Pro, at the Welcome
Screen press Ctrl-Alt-Del twice. This will get you the classic logon box
where you can enter "Administrator" (without the quotes of course) for the
user and whatever password you assigned. If you had no password, leave that
field blank.

2. Once you are logged in, go to Control Panel>User Accounts and disable the
Guest account. The Guest account is a special system account, not one meant
for when you are feeling hospitable. It is disabled by default in Windows
XP, Vista, Linux, Unix, and OS X for a reason.

From TechNet:

"The Guest account is intended for users who require temporary access to the
system. However, if this account is enabled, a security risk may exist
because an unauthorized user could gain anonymous access to the system
through this account."

So if you enabled Guest, disable it now and create a Standard/Limited
(Vista, XP Pro/XP Home) for your visitors. Call the new user account
something like "Visitor".

3. If you have been using the built-in Administrator account for your own
work, then create an extra user account with administrative privileges.
Call it "CompAdmin" or the like. You may never log into this extra account
but if your main Administrator account which you are using becomes
corrupted, you will be very glad to have the extra one.

If you are using the built-in Administrator account for your daily work and
want it to appear on the Welcome Screen, then:

Enable Administrator account on Welcome Screen -

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