Re: Admin Acct IS NOT in User Acct's

B Blake wrote:
Please help. My Dell Inspiron went wacky. I lost my ADMIN user
info (AND all data under that name). Resulting in my not being
able to load software OR EVEN import my Outlook 2007 pst back up
files, and manage my NAV 360 restore backups...
My question is, HOW CAN I GET MY ADMIN ACCT BACK? It shows up
under my doc's, but when I try to access I get "file is denied

Is my only option to format and re-install XP Pro? If so, do I use
the Re-install CD or the original CD?

Shenan Stanley wrote:
Do you automatically log on?
If so - turn that off.


At the *welcome screen* (assuming this is the logon you get - has
the word "Welcome" on it and a list of users to choose from) press
CTRL+ALT+DEL twice - quickly. That should get rid of the 'welcome'
screen and bring you to the classic logon screen. Enter the
username as "administrator" and the password as either whatever you
used to utilize *or* leave the password field blank if you did not
use the "Administrator" user.

Hopefully that will get you in.

Shenan Stanley wrote:
Sorry - forgot to address "access denied"; although - if you get in
- it will be a moot point, won't it?

How to Take Ownership of a File or Folder in Windows XP

Read *carefully* - do not just skim the page and start following
steps. There is important information there dependent on the
version of Windows XP

B Blake wrote:
I am able to access admin acct in "safe mode" in XP Pro ONLY, not
XP Home. Now, is it possible to access admin in normal start-up
using XP Pro? I DO NOT want to keep XP Home. At this point it is
the only OS holding all my programs, etc. AND it will not allow me
to install programs...any way to help?

I printed the ownership KB link. I will try again, but I believe I
tried before and still was denied access. I will try the classic

Where did Windows XP Home Edition come into this picture?
You made no mention of Windows XP Home Edition originally.
Why is it now on this computer?
When did it get there?
HOW did it get there?

Shenan Stanley
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