Re: Deleting unwanted user accounts

mt13579 wrote:

I can't delete an old account. The "supposed" way just doesn't work any
way I try it. I don't have a users group in the Computer Management

Any other ways ?

I am an administrator.

This doesn't quite make sense. Crystal Ball(tm) sez: you are saying that you
see files from an old user account under %systemdrive%\Documents and
Settings\old user account name and that you don't see that user account
listed in either the Control Panel User Accounts applet or in
Administrative Tools\Computer Management\Users and Groups. Yes?

If the above guess is correct and the user account is not a system account
(i.e., it is one that you or someone else made), then simply delete the
files for that account under Documents and Settings.

If my Crystal Ball(tm) was cloudy, please post back with clarification.

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