Re: cannot login because the domain not available

Thank you for having a look Shenan

The OPTIONS button only offers a SHUTDOWN selection, no Domains to choose

The computer was always standalone and not connected to any network. It is a
Toshiba, but I think it was upgraded to XP Pro a few years ago (like 3-4).
The "administrator" login still performs the same error.

Best wishes, G

"Shenan Stanley" wrote:

Gosling wrote:
I had an error on laptop and asked to chkdsk c: and after that the
system rebooted and now I can't log in. When I try ctl-alt-del I
dont get a "Domain" to choose from but when I use login and
password I get "cannot login because the domain not available" .

I don't have a boot CD, running windows xp pro.

Anything I can try.....

Was this a business laptop? (Was it actually a member of a domain?)

When you press CTRL+ALT+DEL to logon - you are getting the classic Windows
NT/2000 logon prompt asking you for the username/password?

Is there an "Options >>" button at the bottom right corner of the logon
prompt window? (If so - click it.)

You can also tray logging in as the built-in administrator (username:
administrator) account. If it was setup by a third-tier vendor (like Dell,
HP, IBM, etc) - usually the built-in account is untouched and has no
password (blank.)

Shenan Stanley
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