Re: Accessing files on hard drive (in enclosure) still protected by user account password

Lisa Berger <lisa.berger@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am trying to rescue some music files on an old hard drive from a
friend's computer that doesn't exist anymore. I've placed the hard
drive in an enclosure and am able to see all the files.

Unfortunately, I cannot access his documents because he must have had
a user account with a password that is "protecting" his documents
(under documents and settings/Gary). Error message is "access denied".
suggestions on removing the access restrictions and being able to read
the files. All I have is the hard drive, so can't log on to the
account and remove the user account passwords

Note, I can access all the other files on the hard drive, because
theyaren't protected by the user account password.


Lisa Berger

Hi, Lisa - please see the replies to your identical post in the other group.
In the future, please don't multipost - if you need to post to multiple
groups, it's best to crosspost instead, by posting a single message to a
handful of relevant groups (separate the NG names with commas) so that
everyone can follow the thread. Multiposting wastes everyone's time,
including yours, and may lead to your actually getting *less* help rather
than more.