Re: what are my options or best practice for installing Windows Updates?

Kelvin wrote:

I have about 35 computers on my domaim.
They are all XP Pro and the file servers are Windows Server 2003.

Currently each computer downloads its own updates and the users are
prompted to install them.
This makes for an inconsistant environment since not everyone bothers to
install updates, and others may not have rights...

How can I manage updates for computers?
How would I differenciat between laptop machines that don't connect very
oftern, from desktop machines that are always on the network with access
to the internet and local network?

Can I not tell the computers on the network to install an approved list of
updates without any user interaction?


As for the laptops, post your question in a server newsgroup where people
who deal with this sort of problem can tell you how they manage it. (If you're using Small Business Server)

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