Re: Installer failure and security

1601 Out of disk space
Ensure that the custom action costs do not exceed available space.

0x80080005 CO_E_Server_Exec_Failure
The requested operation could not be completed due to a file system limitation.

*** Was SP3 applied with the antivirus/security suite actively monitoring the system ? ***

Are you attempting to Run the installations from the server or from a manual download ? If it's the former and there's a 3rd party firewall installed, that may be the cause of the installation failures.

IF this issue is occurring in Automatic Updates or on the MS update sites, please see this and do Method 1:

The above will not resolve issues with Windows Installer, only for installing updates after applying SP3.

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bussard wrote:

Hi to all of you
After having installed thze SP3 to XP i am unable to install programs, hotfixes. I receive error msg: "error #1601 unable to connect to the server" and: "No connection to the server could established. error: 0x80080005"
It seems to be a problem of permissions, since some other installing processes stopped with the hint to set the installer back to "basic". But how to do?
Thanks for your help