Re: a nasty virus

Make sure that your anti-malware software is running, then download the latest signatures and run a full scan.

If you don't have comprehensive anti-malware software, I'm officially out of things to say to you. Except for this: Install comprehensive anti-malware software and learn how to use its features.

Try scanning your system with /several/ of the better online scanners, such as:
Kaspersky Antivirus (
Panda ActiveScan (

Download HijackThis from Run it, save a log, and post the log at one of the many sites that support HJT, such as,, and -- but not here. Within a day, sometimes within an hour, you'll have one-on-one step-by-step advice from a security expert on cleaning up any infestations—or you'll have a clean bill of health from the volunteer expert.

Even the best detection and removal software can't fix every malware infection. If none of the above remove the infection, you may want to show the computer to a professional.

Leonard Grey
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jennings0816 wrote:
My computer contracted a nasty virus that will not let me boot my computer up in safe mode. It will let me log in and the screen has the spy ware ad I try to system restore and it locks up