Folio Views Win 95 / XP program compatibility

I have a very old but very important Win 95 program which ALMOST works under
XP (SP3). It is a highly searchable hypertext database held in Folio Views
3.01, a 1991-1993 era program.

The programs works under XP to a surprising extent - loads, runs, functions,
does most searches A-OK. It seems to do just as well with the Properties>Run
in compatibility mode > win 95 checked or unchecked - this doesn't seem

The problem is if I do searches of the database which would return a very
large number of hits. Then the program reliably crashes with a general
protection fault. On Win 95 it never gave such faults - took all day to
return an answer, but, no GPFs.

It is expensive to upgrade Folio Views, and seems tantalizingly
un-necessary, as the GPF seems to be somehow compatibility-related. I can't
help hoping there might be some secret tweak which might cure things. To be
clear, I've tried what little there isunder Properties > compatibility and
doesn't help.

Any thoughts gratefully received!