Re: alternative for nybackup

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I am looking for a product to replace ntbackup for my local pc/laptop
backup regime.

ntbackup is ok but there are a few issues that I want to address.

What I need from a product is:

a) ability to manualy select directories to backup
b) backup of files into a single encrypted archive file (don't want
anyone else to browse or view files or contents without password)
c) need to be able to control it from command line (i.e. I want to
script it to backup on system login - currently achieving this through
a batch file)
d) need to be able to access the archive file and read the contents
(with a password) simply and easily - ntbackup is a nightmare to try
and restore from...

any advice?
I would guess that every backup program except ntbackup can do this.
I use ATI. It contains its own scheduler which accomplishes item c) for


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