Re: Mystereous Window Pops Up

Bob Jones wrote:

On several websites I have a window pop up labeled "Connect To".It is a password window waiting for me to fill my
user ID and password.

I have searched the web and cannot find specific info or a way to clean
this window.It also appears to slow the loading of web pages.

I use Win XP Pro,IE7 and have run the whole series of malware and spyware
removers.I have modified my host file.

Well, it isn't coming from the aether. It has to be somewhere on your
computer. Try running IE7 with no add-ons and see if it goes away.

Run IE7 without add-ons - Start > Run>iexplore.exe -extoff [enter] OR
Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)
MS webpage explaining add-ons:

Since I don't know your method of scanning for malware, here are steps I

If you weren't that thorough - including doing the preparatory work - then
it would probably be a good idea to go through the steps.

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