RE: User accounts is blank

I am really frustrated. For starters this discussion group wouldn't let me
start a new thread.
Anyway, I have opened in Safe Mode, etc. but regardless of what I do the
user accounts is blank. I know one password and can logon but I am wanting
to change the password on another account and delete another account. I
can't do anything because the account user does not respond to anything I
click on.

"piratedawn" wrote:

Hi I am asking this question for friend, she runs windows xp media center
edition. she wants to install router for broadband but when she put the
installation disk in she got a msg to say that she did not have administrator
capabilities. on right clicking my computer then "manage" she sees a list of
users on her computer, one being administrator the other being her sons user
name (which says underneath limited account)but she cannot change anything as
she is not the administrator, when she logs of pressing start log of it does
not show switch user so she cannot switch to administrator how can she sort
this problem out so that she can install software? any advice greatly
received as spent 4 hours today trying to sort it out for her