Re: How can I make a password for folders?

Ragab wrote:

I wanna make a password for some folders in WindowsXP Professional SP2. Is
there a free and easy way to do that?

XP and Vista do not use passwords to protect resources. NT-based operating
systems use permissions instead. Here is information to help you with that:

How to disable Simple Sharing and set permissions on a shared folder in
Windows XP (Pro only)

HOW TO: Set, View, Change, or Remove File and Folder Permissions in Windows

By default in XP Home, you can only make files and folders under My
Documents "private". Otherwise, to see the security tab in WinXP Home,
restart in Safe mode and log on with an account that has administrator
privileges. To get into Safe Mode, repeatedly tap the F8 key as the
computer is starting up. This will get you to the menu where you can choose
Safe Mode.

Note that the file system must be NTFS, not FAT32.

Passwording of folders is not supported unless you zip them. When you do
(right click a folder, then "send to > compressed folder") and then open the
zip file, you will find an option under file>"add a password". Otherwise,
use third-party software. Google "password protect folders".

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