Re: Accurable, dependable and easy to understand security advice.

I notice that you listed as a source to check on. I have
already been there and they have a lot of material, but I could not find
anything relating to my Windows Live One Care security software. They only
refer to Windows Defender. This is true on many of the sources I have looked
at. Isn't Windows Live One Care considered to be a widely used, major,
security package???

"Malke" wrote:

Magsmom wrote:

Where do I go to get good reliable advice that you don't have to be a tech
to understand?

I read one place that "xxx" antivirus is the best, then someplace else
says that particular software is not very good. Same for Spyware
software. I am running Windows Live One Care on a Dell Dim 2350, Pentium
4, 220 GHz,
512 MB RAM, with XP, SP2 OS. I have run scans at various times by other
programs and come up with things that do not show up in the WLOC scans.
Thankfully, I have never had a real "virus" and the things that do show up
are mostly low level threats, but some of them are listed as high level
some things are necessary for programs or services that I use. How does
one sort all of this out???

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