Re: XP Backup utility tool installation

Blackredgold1964 wrote:
How can I install the Windows XP Backup utility for Win XP home edition?

In this article

I found the steps:

Insert your Windows XP CD into the drive and, if necessary, double-click
the CD icon in My Computer.

On the Welcome to Microsoft Windows XP screen, click Perform Additional

Click Browse this CD.

But I don't have the Win XP CD, my PC came shipped with the OS preinstalled.

Does anyone know how to install the tool?
Thanks in advance
This MIGHT work, depending on how your system was built. You can also
look for an I386 directory (often copied to the C: drive). This would
contain everything essential from the CD. If the system prompts for the
CD at D:I386, simply replace D:I386 with C:I386. The install program
finds the files and you're good to go.


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